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Friday, February 26, 2010

FFF Presents the "What Would Project"

For this Fun Feature I had the pleasure of interviewing Lindsay and Matt, creators of the What Would Project. They have come up with, what I believe to be a really cool new idea to get people thinking creatively. The most interesting thing is, anyone can do this! You do not have to be an "artist" at all! EVERYONE can be creative and they have given you a chance to show off your creativity! Read our interview to find out more! Make sure you read all the way through to the bottom! You have a chance to win a $25 Visa Gift Card! Who could not use an extra $25 in their wallet?
Look at some of the beautiful submissions for last week's question "What would be on your bucket list?" submitted so far as you read through our interview. The rest are available on the website!

Q: What is the What Would Project?

The What Would Project is a community art project where everyday people have the opportunity to contribute there ideas based on the ‘what would’ question of the week. We encourage everyone to participate and embrace this opportunity. Being an artist is not a requirement, just be yourself and have fun!

The beauty of art is that there is no right or wrong. Everyone has a different interpretation of art which is embraced and encouraged. We provide an open canvas to all who dream, love, fear, regret and so much more. At the end of the day if you find yourself inspired then we have accomplished an amazing goal.

Q: Where did the idea come from?

The idea evolved from general conversation between the two of us. We thought it would be interesting to see how people would respond to all the different questions revolved around the ‘what would’ scenario. People respond very differently to situations that life presents and something about that is very intriguing.

The more we talked about how we could make this idea work, the more the project grew and became what it is today. Both of us are creative and artistic in our own way. We have spent many years of our life enthralled with different art forms and appreciate all of them equally. With that, the What Would Project was born.

Q: How did you get started?

The project was launched just a few weeks ago so we are still in the beginning stages. We’ve taken a multiple approach to reach out to as many people as possible. Social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and online forums have been a great place for us to start getting the project out to people.

It is also important for us to make a presence in the community. We leave our postcards for strangers to find in multiple places around our hometown and take them with us when we travel.

Q: What do you hope it turns into?

The most important thing to us is that the integrity of art, the project and those who contribute to it is not compromised. We’d like to instill a rejuvenated appreciation for art of all forms. Whether a submission is from a famous artist or from a school student, it will all be appreciated the same to us and to our project.

Our vision for the future is open. We would like to be able to branch the project into other forms of media and art that can be admired by everyone. The long-term goal is to inspire others to think creatively and maybe differently than what they are used to. In a world that is ever changing, for better or for worse, art will continue to play a critical role of self-expression and we hope to play a big role in that.

Q: What else would you like to share?

Do you have a ‘what would’ question that you would like to see posted on our site? Send us your best ‘what would’ questions for a chance to win a $25 Visa gift card. We will review all submissions received and select a winner and have that question posted on our site. Please feel free to submit more than one!

The deadline for your entry is 3/4/10 and the winning question will be posted on 3/10/10 here on this blog and also on the What Would Project Blog . Email your question to contact@whatwouldproject.comcontact@whatwouldproject.com or leave a comment here on my blog for your chance to win!

Be creative. Be yourself. Be inspired.

The project continues at www.whatwouldproject.com

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If you are interested in submitting your masterpiece for this weeks question "What would you like to find at the end of a rainbow?"
Submissions are due by 3/9/2010 and they will be posted on 3/10/2010
This is the link to the FAQ's on the web page with the address to send in your creation! Go get creative!

Thank you Lindsay and Matt!


Mina Widding said...

Interesting project you're writing about!
And yeah, if I had the funds, I would definately go Etsy-crazy... :)
Maybe that can be made inte a "what would"-question? ;)

Mina Widding said...

May I ask you also, have you had any luck with selling on Art fire?

Maria João ♥ said...

Hi Elizabeth :) How are you?

I absolutely loved your beautiful blog! Your dresses are amazing and so perfect :)

a hug from Portugal :)


Fowler family said...

What a beautiful blog! I love your style. I'm glad you have found the quiet book blog to be useful! Good luck and happy QB making! :)

joeyandaleethea said...

What an awesome project. Gorgeous art too! I love how they leave their postcards around town where they travel!