Oh Happy Day!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Fun Feature Friday!

Starting next week on Friday, I will be running a feature on a new business, crafter, artist,  sewer, jewelry maker, etc. each week! I will interview them so you can learn about the face behind the scene. You can hear all about  what they do and why! Sometimes there will be giveaways, tutorials, recipes, or discount codes for their shops :)

YAY! It is going to be really fun, so please make sure you stop by every week to meet our new feature! And maybe learn something new, or have a chance to win something really cool!

If you would like to be featured, send me an email! I would love to hear from you!
This is my random photo of the week. This is my son and daughter having fun in our 3+ feet of snow!


joeyandaleethea said...

Fridays are looking better already!! And WOW...3+ feet. Incredible!!

joeyandaleethea said...

Came back to see if the snow had melted. :)