Oh Happy Day!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Black Cat and Pumpkin Swap

Here are the wonderful goodies I received from Karen of Bluemuf's Corner
She sent me the softest hand towels, a really cute primitive kitty and pumpkin statue, some Halloween cookie cutters (that the kiddies can't wait to make cookies with!) a pumpkin pin cushion that Karen made with hand dyed fabric, a black cat needle book and a really cute fabric panel with kitties and pumpkins! Thank you so much Karen. My package was wonderful and I had so much fun opening it. Just as much fun as I had shopping for Karen's swap package. In hers, I included (NO PEEKING Karen!!) A handmade bag with pumpkins, kitties and other Halloween characters, a really yummy smelling frosted pumpkin votive from Yankee Candles. I really wanted to eat this candle, although I refrained, lol. Some pumpkin peeps, a pumpkin PEZ dispenser, some 3D stickers, a pumpkin Chinese takeout box, a really soft stuffed black kitty, and a really cute Bear statue with a black cat and a pumpkin. I also sent a cute pumpkin card. Oh yes and the most adorable metal black cat on a spring! I just loved it when I saw it! I really hope Karen loves her package as much as I loved mine!

First Baby Picture!

Here is our very first baby picture. Of course baby is still too small to know if she is a girl, or he is a boy. We are very excited to find out though! About 7 weeks until I will be 20 weeks along and can get my second ultrasound. Aside from being pregnant, which makes me sooooo tired. I have been super busy making some really pretty stuff for the Fall Craft Show. It is October 6th and 7th. I can't wait! Also I have been busy filling a few custom orders.

I just finished this skirt made with Fresh Cut fabric by Heather Bailey for Tabetha of Reminisce Heirlooms. Bless her heart, she waited for a really long time for me to finish this for her and she was so patient! I hope her daughter loves it! Please go check out Tabetha's blog. She makes the most wonderful keepsakes and with the holidays right around the corner, you may just find that perfect gift for that special someone!

I also finished these three sets for Kendall. She is my California customer.

So this is why my blog has been neglected, once again. But I am updating it now! I have more swap pictures to post and also I have some pictures of my goodies that I have been working on for the craft fair to share.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Swaps, swaps, and more swaps!!!

The first picture is what I got from my cotton candy partner, and the second is what I sent her.

So I have done three totally fun swaps and shame on me for not posting about all the awesome stuff I got and sent to my partners!!

I did the Vintage Kitchen swap, and my partner was Liz. I got a really cool rooster statue, a sunflower spoon rest and a rooster apron. I sent her a cinnamon broom, a wooden box with vintage cherry labels on each side, a really neat bag that I made from 2 vintage curtains, some wild cherry earrings and some cherry magnets I made. Oh and a really cool vintage repro. cherry towel for her kitchen.

The next swap was the cotton candy swap. My awesome partner was Alison and she sent me so much chocolate!! Thank you Alison, it was all so delicious! I also received some lavender pillows, a pink and white polka-dot towel and a pretty star ornament from her.

The very last swap I did was the black cat and pumpkin swap. My wonderful partner Karen has yet to receive her items, so those must be secret for a bit longer!

I will post some pictures in just a bit...