Oh Happy Day!

Sunday, March 30, 2008


Ok, we have about 6 days left until my due date, and NO, he has not been born yet. SO, we are getting down to the wire and I wonder who will win my little contest??? It isn't too late to enter! Just comment on the post below and you could win your own custom purse! I will let you all now when Connor is born! Talk to you very soon (I hope)

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Guess Connor's Birthday!!! Let's play a game and the winner will get a FREE CUSTOM PURSE made by me just for them :)

OK, who wants to guess what day Connor will be born??
My actual due date is April 6th, although the ultrasound had him measuring about 3 days bigger. All three of my other babies went a few days past their due date but my doctor said last week he thinks I will deliver between 38 1/2-39 weeks. I don't know but it is sure exciting to guess!

Plus the winner (or winners) will receive their very own custom hobo bag (photos are of other bags I have made) Just pick your fabric color choices and I will do the rest. Plus this bag can be made with a short strap to carry on your arm, medium length so you can wear it on your shoulder or long length so you can wear it as a messenger! How cool is that???

This bag is roomy, but not huge. I can make it out of corduroy or twill also if you prefer a solid color! Ok, just post here what your guess is and a s soon as he is born (and I get a chance to get on my computer) I will let the winner(s) know!! Good luck :)