Oh Happy Day!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Six Flags!!!

We went to Six Flags last weekend, and WOW did we have a great time!! The weather was near perfect and the lines were incredibly short all day! Gabe and Briana took me on the Mind Eraser, nd I was pretty scared at first, but I went through with it and it was actually pretty fun!! I don't know why I was chickening out (in my head) when I was younger I would go on ANY ride!! I was never afraid! Maybe my age is staring to show.... LOL. I hope not!!  So this Mind Eraser is a roller coaster where your legs hang free and it goes upside down and twists and goes all crazy. It looks terrifying but it was really cool!

We walked around, a lot! We ate greasy burgers for lunch, and had Dippin Dots, Funnel cake and all the yummy not-so-good-for-you foods that go with amusement parks. The kids went on tons of rides and had so much fun. Connor was not impressed at all though and he was NOT into the rides at all. Even the carousel made him freak out, so he just hung out with me.

And, I got to meet my BFFOL SANDRA of Joey & Aleethea!!  That made the day even more super cool! Her kiddies are even more adorable in person (if you can even believe that!) and it was so great to finally see her for real! We have "known" each other online for like 3 years! Lorelai instantly took charge with Joey and took his hand and kept him close. They were very inseparable. SOOOO cute!!

So, all in all a pretty darn good time at the amusement park. Terry even had a good time and hubby usually does not go for crazy places like that. He was a very good sport!