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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt, Picture outfits and some customs!

Hi! I have been so busy sewing, and cleaning, and everything else but I wanted to post here and show you all some of what I have been up to. Last weekend we went to Virginia to hang out with my husband's cousin and his wife. They had an Easter egg hunt in their community and my 2 youngest kiddos got to participate. They ha d a wonderful time and Connor was even brave enough to walk over to the Easter Bunny and say hello!

I decided that matching outfits would be SO cute for the kids for pictures. So like a true crazy person I sewed ALL DAY last Friday and made 2 ties for my boys, a dress for Lorelai, and a wrap skirt for Briana. They looked really cute and I was very proud of myself. I only got to snap a couple of pictures in front of the house because Connor was getting really crabby. He had had enough pictures for the day. I took them to the Target portrait studio in the morning and he had his fill of patience :)

I also managed to get a couple of my customs all done! They turned out pretty beautifully if I do say so myself :)
I still have a small to do list to get through but it feels SO good to be able to cross off things I have finished!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Fun Feature Friday Presents Rapsberry Kidz!!!

   For this Friday's Fun Feature I interviewed the super talented Artist Mommy Rachel of
Raspberry Kidz. Rachel makes the most awesome kids art around, and I am sure once you check out here shop you will agree. You can have a Rachel make you a Raspberry Boy or Raspberry Girl print with your childs' or anyone's name, that looks like who you are getting the print for.
    Or you can have her enhance a piece of art your child has drawn. You just send her the digital file and she does the rest! How special for her to take your little sweetie's artwork and make it into something they can cherish forever!

I love kids art. That’s basically why I do what I do. It all started when my son (now 7) was in a baby playgroup. I wanted to create something personal for the moms as a gift. I came up with Raspberrykidz, the originals all based on the babies from that group. 

When Ethan started drawing, there were so many pictures I wanted to keep, and I found them all so inspirational. I looked at them and saw more than the little scribbles he did, I saw pictures I would have trouble doing myself. He just came up with these whimsical pictures (as so many kids do), without overthinking anything (as so many adults do). I loved them, and I wanted to enhance them.

So, based on his drawings, a whole new side of Raspberrykidz was created. I reworked his pictures into full-color, matted, professional computer prints. Friends began to ask me to take their kids’ drawings and do the same thing.

It’s a great way to hold onto that special drawing your child may have drawn on scratch paper, the back of a menu or lined paper that you might just want cleaned up so it can be framed and on display. They have also proven to be a big hit with grandparents, as they are so personal and unique.

This is also the perfect thing for me to be doing, as I am a stay-at-home mom. Ethan is in 2nd grade, and my daughter Samantha (who is also quite the little artist) is in kindergarten. We live in Chicago where they attend a public fine arts magnet school. I think the arts are so important for kids (and adults!). Children’s drawings have really inspired me, and my goal is for the prints I do to keep inspiring them to continue with their artwork.

My blog

examples of the original Raspberrykids

Ballerina pig by Samantha:

as a Raspberry:

Princess Party by Ethan:

as Raspberry:

And Because Rachel is so awesome, she is offering  a free pendant with any purchase from the shop (a $15 value)
Here’s a picture of a pendant:

Cutie Pie not included :)
Can you say AWESOME???  What little darling would not be proud to sport a pendant showing off her very own artwork? Thank you SO much Rachel! Your work is truly fantastic :)

Rachel is also a fellow member of the Etsy Kids Street team! Check out the website here!

Thank you Rachel!

Happy Thursday!

I have not posted any randomness in a while so I thought I would pop in and say HELLO!! To all of my awesome followers and friends:)

I made a super cute airplane T for Connor. He loves airplanes and helicopters so much! He gets very excited when he sees them in the sky. Here he is sporting his airplane T
I also made 2 skirts yesterday. I really love the white one and I am trying to decide whether to keep it for Lorelai or should I sell it? What do you think?? It turned out so lovely. I may just have to make one for me too!!

I just love how the birdie adds in an unexpected POP of color :) And I added loads of ruffles! I love ruffles!

Here is the second skirt I made. Of course, I had to do lots of ruffles on this one too. I added in the yellow pocket with the free stitched flower because again it added an unexpected touch. I am all about unexpected and bright :)

Friday, March 5, 2010

Fun Feature Friday:Featuring Amelie Jo the cutest and sweetest Vintage Inspired Children's clothing ever!

This Friday I had the pleasure of Featuring Anna of Amelie Jo Vintage Inspired Kids. Her designs are amazingly gilrlie (but there is also something for those handsome boys), very sweet, and so unique! Just look at these darling ruffles!! And beast of all, Anna uses Organic clothing in her designs :)   

I am a stay at home mother, faithfully tending to my muse, sweet Amelie Jo.
Not so long ago, I owned a web boutique, where I sold American made and handmade children's clothing by many talented Etsy artists.  I had an epiphany, one sunny afternoon, when I found a vintage portrait of a wise, old owl and a blank, white tee in my baby girl's closet. I was soon lost in creativity, carefully adding colorful buttons and a bit of hand embroidery. I fell in love with the result and had much too much fun with the process!
I realized that I had just created a piece that I had been searching for since my child's birth - an affordable, organic, vintage inspired tiny bit of heaven, punctuated with a little flair and a whole lotta love!  
I have never had formal training. I seem to pick up craft work easily through watching others and reading. I have an idea in my head and I try to create it. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. What doesn’t work is what I learn the most from.
The ‘studio’ is a space that I share with my husband in the basement. A special room that he built that is cozy and warm.  His intention was that we share the space, however my crafts seem to have taken over!
I am a stay at home mom, so I work whenever my sweet Amelie Jo is sleeping.  That usually means that I do not get a lot of sleep!  I also have a 13 year old step daughter who lives with us almost full time and is involved with 4H.  A 13 year old and a 15 month old both need a lot of attention, so my work takes a backseat to them.
I prefer to use organic cotton for the shirts that I make. I am very interested in living an organic lifestyle – I make my own cleaning products and purchase organic or locally grown food-  and feel that organic cotton is the best material for baby skin.  Plus, I tea stain most of my items and organic cotton is the perfect material for doing so.  I love adding vintage buttons because they make my items one of a kind.  I would like to use more upcycled materials in the future.
At the moment, I only sell my work on Etsy, however I am interested in wholesaling to boutiques.
People should buy handmade because a lot of love and care goes into each item that an artist sells.  Handmade is sweatshop free, out source free and the customer can be satisfied that they have not taken advantage of another citizen of this world in order to wear a fancy t shirt.  Handmade keeps art alive and growing.  Most handmade artists give back to their communities in small and large ways, which helps future generations.
My goals are to keep growing my shop and product line.  I want to always be able to stay at home with my sweet Amelie Jo, so I would like to be a successful shop owner and crafter.  Someone that my family can be proud of.
The first item I ever sold was an organic onesie with an owl on the front. I don't make it anymore because I am interested in other styles at the moment.  My favorite part of what I do is just, simply, being creative. I find that the more I work the more creative I become. There are nights I lay in bed dreaming of new items to make and the next morning I try to find the supplies I need to create them.  
My inspiration has and will always be my daughter, Amelie Jo.
I would like to offer free shipping on my 'Easter Parade' shirt or onesie (that is the one right above this paragraph!!!! Isn't it delish?) . Buyers may use the code 'FREESHIP' in the comments box and I will refund the shipping through PayPal.

Thank you Anna!! Your creations are amazing and your little Amelie Jo is a doll :)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Is it really almost spring?

I think so! And I couldn't be more excited!! It is getting light out earlier in the morning, and all of the snow is almost completely melted. We are going to have warmer temp.s next week too. Very soon we will actually be able to go out and play without freezing! YAY!!!!

And also that means that my husband will be graduating form law school, we will be packing, we will be moving. If he can find a job somewhere, that is where we are going. It seems that a job is still pretty hard to come by but we are staying positive. And praying a lot :) Something will come up and the next chapter of our lives will begin.

The actual moving part I am pretty excited about! I have already begun Spring Cleaning and trying to de clutter my home so that we are not bringing anything with us that we are not using.  I am too sentimental, I like to keep everything! But that will soon be changing, Freecycle here I come!

Anyway, I am trying to finish up as many projects a I can before we move. I am working on a very awesome Quiet Book for Connor. I found the best tutorial here at How To Make a Quiet Book. I have 3 pages done so far. I just want to have it done by Easter so it can go in his Easter basket. I am on the hunt for other handmade Easter gifts for the kids too, so if anyone has anything cute, give me a shout!

Come back Tomorrow to see who I am featuring :)
Here are some of my recent projects:

I am working on a Scrappy wallet (shhhhhh, it's a surprise, lol)