Oh Happy Day!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Happy Thursday!

I have not posted any randomness in a while so I thought I would pop in and say HELLO!! To all of my awesome followers and friends:)

I made a super cute airplane T for Connor. He loves airplanes and helicopters so much! He gets very excited when he sees them in the sky. Here he is sporting his airplane T
I also made 2 skirts yesterday. I really love the white one and I am trying to decide whether to keep it for Lorelai or should I sell it? What do you think?? It turned out so lovely. I may just have to make one for me too!!

I just love how the birdie adds in an unexpected POP of color :) And I added loads of ruffles! I love ruffles!

Here is the second skirt I made. Of course, I had to do lots of ruffles on this one too. I added in the yellow pocket with the free stitched flower because again it added an unexpected touch. I am all about unexpected and bright :)

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kimbuktu said...

All your clothes are just adorable! Love the airplane T.