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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Fun Feature Friday Presents Rapsberry Kidz!!!

   For this Friday's Fun Feature I interviewed the super talented Artist Mommy Rachel of
Raspberry Kidz. Rachel makes the most awesome kids art around, and I am sure once you check out here shop you will agree. You can have a Rachel make you a Raspberry Boy or Raspberry Girl print with your childs' or anyone's name, that looks like who you are getting the print for.
    Or you can have her enhance a piece of art your child has drawn. You just send her the digital file and she does the rest! How special for her to take your little sweetie's artwork and make it into something they can cherish forever!

I love kids art. That’s basically why I do what I do. It all started when my son (now 7) was in a baby playgroup. I wanted to create something personal for the moms as a gift. I came up with Raspberrykidz, the originals all based on the babies from that group. 

When Ethan started drawing, there were so many pictures I wanted to keep, and I found them all so inspirational. I looked at them and saw more than the little scribbles he did, I saw pictures I would have trouble doing myself. He just came up with these whimsical pictures (as so many kids do), without overthinking anything (as so many adults do). I loved them, and I wanted to enhance them.

So, based on his drawings, a whole new side of Raspberrykidz was created. I reworked his pictures into full-color, matted, professional computer prints. Friends began to ask me to take their kids’ drawings and do the same thing.

It’s a great way to hold onto that special drawing your child may have drawn on scratch paper, the back of a menu or lined paper that you might just want cleaned up so it can be framed and on display. They have also proven to be a big hit with grandparents, as they are so personal and unique.

This is also the perfect thing for me to be doing, as I am a stay-at-home mom. Ethan is in 2nd grade, and my daughter Samantha (who is also quite the little artist) is in kindergarten. We live in Chicago where they attend a public fine arts magnet school. I think the arts are so important for kids (and adults!). Children’s drawings have really inspired me, and my goal is for the prints I do to keep inspiring them to continue with their artwork.

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examples of the original Raspberrykids

Ballerina pig by Samantha:

as a Raspberry:

Princess Party by Ethan:

as Raspberry:

And Because Rachel is so awesome, she is offering  a free pendant with any purchase from the shop (a $15 value)
Here’s a picture of a pendant:

Cutie Pie not included :)
Can you say AWESOME???  What little darling would not be proud to sport a pendant showing off her very own artwork? Thank you SO much Rachel! Your work is truly fantastic :)

Rachel is also a fellow member of the Etsy Kids Street team! Check out the website here!

Thank you Rachel!


RaspberryKidz said...

Thank you Liz! Have a great weekend. : )

Martha said...

What a wonderful idea for some of those great pictures our children have made!