Oh Happy Day!

Monday, June 11, 2007

e Etsy Lucky Thirteenth Club

Hey ya'll! Check out this awesome blog full of goodies that will premiere on Etsy on the 13th! These are lucky day specials just for you :)
Here is a peek at my lucky 13th special. Search ETSYLUCKYDAY to find everyone's lucky 13th specials!


Anonymous said...

this bag is just so beautiful!

art4friends said...

thank you for your kindness towards my drawings.. so very sweet..
this bag is just so lovely, i love it!!

im just getting used to this blogging business... is there a way to view all new comments that i have without clicking on each individual post because i didnt even notice i had these comments from you untill i read it in the etsy forum!

thank you
renee anne

The Mommy and Me Boutique said...

This bag is beautiful. I love the choice of fabric. Thanks for commenting on my blog - especially understanding about my "sewing"room. It is a bit like Katrina - in need of repair as far a organization - and I have a complete room! Very nice blog!