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Monday, September 28, 2009

Reminiscing a little

So as I was browsing my Flickr gallery I came across this bag (the Boho Sling Bag) that I absolutely loved!!! I kinda wish I still had it ;)
But I know it has a VERY good home where it gets lots of love :)
SO, I decided to show off a few of my other favorite bags! These are a couple of my "Gwen Hobo Bags". These are so cute! I have made them with shoulder straps and messenger straps as well. Messenger bags are so great when you are chasing around toddlers!! These are $35 in my shop. The bag to the left is the "Chocolate Scroll" and to the right is the "Geisha Messenger".

Then I had this gorgeous fall bag (which happens to be a cousin of the first bag on top in this post Boho Sling Bag) This one I called the Gypsy Autumn Hobo Bag. This bag and it's cousin were $40. I made them both out of soft corduroy and yummy cotton prints. The Gypsy bag I did not round the corners on like the Boho bag.

Looking at these purses I am inspired to make more beautiful bags!! I may be digging out some of my hard to find fabrics to make some truly unique bags. Keep checking in to see what I have come up with!!


Splendid Little Stars said...

obviously, you make beautiful bags! I like the sling bag, also.

Lora said...

These are super cute!!