Oh Happy Day!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Another Update

Ok, baby does not want to leave his cozy home so he is still hanging out. I sure hope he decides very soon to come out and meet us! The last few weeks are the hardest for sure and my official due date is tomorrow. We have grandma and Aunt Lisa here visiting form Chicago to meet his little guy too! I am sure we will do something fun this weekend so I will try and post some pictures, and of course if our baby decides he is ready, I will definitely post some pictures of him!

If you have not guessed a birth day for baby, it isn't too late!! Some one can still win a free purse!

Talk to you all very soon (I HOPE)



oooh that cheeky little baby has made it past my guess! hee hee little rascal.
Oh i bet you are sooo tired Liz, poor darlin' .

thinking of you!


FrostingsNSparkles said...

I hope you guys are having a great time!! I almost called you yesterday, but never even made it in the door of the house until 8:30

I know how frustrating the last few days can be...Miss you and love you!!! Tell Aunt Edie and Lisa hi, and call me with any news!!

bluemuf said...

I hope that you now have your new little son. Look forward to seeing pictures when he finally decides to make an entrance.

Hugs karen

Johnsy said...

I can't blame baby for not wanting to come out now, not with all this cold weather we still seem to be having, its warm in the oven and he know it lol.

He will make his presents known here soon. We are all waiting and I think he knows that too so he's playing with us.

He'll be worth the wait.

Love mom